The Rhodoks are a faction in Native Mount & Blade. They were one of the last two factions to be added to the backstory of the game, along with the Nords.

Overview[edit | edit source]

In the south of the map lie the sky-blue cities and towns of the Rhodoks, based on the medieval Swiss, Bavarians and Italians. Thier armies rely on tough spear-armed infantry with large 'board shields' to beat back enemy attacks and stop cavalry charges while the crossbowmen shoot down the enemy's armoured troops. Their leader is King Graveth, and their claimant to the throne is Lord Kastor of Veluca.

Rhodok troops have a higher 'Ironflesh' skill compared with equivalent troops from other factions, which means that they have a lot more health, and are harder to take down. The heavy infantry also have good armour and spears, which means they can do quite a bit of damage to other troops while remaining at a distance. It also means their attacks are quicker, and this can make even the most elite troops fall without even scoring a hit, and the crossbowmen are numerous and accurate enough to be frustrating. The problem are magnified in seiges, and even big armies will struggle against the crossbowmen. If you choose to wage war against the Rhodoks, use heavily armoured infantry and cavalry to take on their infantry and use archers to deal with the crossbowmen.

In Mods[edit | edit source]

Southern Realms[edit | edit source]

The Rhodoks have shrunk back to a small nation of two cities, but have benefited from slight troop tweaks, giving them some scout cavalry forces. In the Rhodok lands is also the University in Veluca, an important game location. The Rhodoks belong to the smaller, weaker Conirile sect, which is not as powerful militarily as the great Varalite or Orinite churches but supports learning and peace.

Avarice of the Exiled[edit | edit source]

The Rhodoks were the first to be pushed out of Old Calradia by the Nordic legions. They fled south, where they occupied nomad lands. They made peace with the natives they met, and even went to trade and form an alliance with these natives, who called themselves the Kingdom of Kabiel. Together, the Rhodoks and the Kabiels became the most powerful and wealthy factions known to Grauland. They deployed pikemen, heavily armoured infantry armed with a long pike and a sword for close combat, to retaliate against cavalry charges by forming an impenetrable wall of brisling spears. The Rhodoks sat in their cities and citadels, drinking their wine and throwing around gold coin as if it where dirt, waiting for the right time. The time to strike, and take back what was rightfully theirs.

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